The Event

UAO International Journalism Week 2014
«Digital Journalism: Journalistic production in the Digital Age»
Abat Oliba CEU University – Barcelona
From March the 3rd to March the 7th – 2014

The «UAO CEU International Journalism Week» is a yearly gathering of journalism and communication professionals, lecturers and researchers, organized by the Abat Oliba CEU Graduate School of Journalism. The event, organized every year in Barcelona during the month of March since 2012, brings together international journalists, researches and students in order to talk about a subject concerning contemporary issues related to journalism and its transformations.

Different lectures and workshops take place during the week with the involvement of the participating guests, international students, and Journalism students form the Abat Oliba CEU School of Journalism.
This initiative is a part of the Abat Oliba CEU’s International Journalism Program, that offers 50% of its courses in English and a broad possibility of international exchanges and internships for faculty and students.

International Journalism Week 2014 Presentation

Who is invited to participate?
The International Journalism Week is open to:

  • Teachers and professionals from international universities that have an Erasmus teacher collaboration agreement with the Abat Oliba CEU Journalism / Mass Media studies department
  • Teachers and professionals from international universities that are interested in participating in the UAO International Journalism Week as part of their international teaching experience
  •  Students from international universities that wish to participate during the week’s activities under the supervision of a teacher / representative of their own university
  • Journalism / Mass Media students from the Abat Oliba CEU University in Barcelona

What is the purpose of the conference?
The International Journalism Week is aimed to:

  • To create a space of shared knowledge on issues regarding modern day Journalism / Mass Media entrepreneurial initiatives and trends through conferences, seminars and workshops
  • To allow students from the Abat Oliba CEU University and students from other participating universities to understand the developments of entrepreneurial Journalism / Mass Media issues and concerns in today’s professional and academic environment
  • To allow a space of mutual acquaintance, debate and collaboration between Journalism / Mass Media teachers and professionals from different international universities on academic and professional issues related to Journalism and Mass Media entrepreneurial practices and education
  • To generate international contacts with experts and academics in the area of Journalism / Mass Media in order to promote common research and exchange projects

Direction & Organization
Prof. Joan Andreu Rocha

Organization Assistants
Prof. Miguel Franquet
Marc Perelló

Organizing Departments
Abat Oliba CEU Graduate School of Journalism

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