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Ninth Conference (6th March – 2013)


Innovation outside the traditional media-industry in Belgium: case-study ‘Media Lab Quindo’
Bregt Vermeulen and Ellen Deketele

Bregt Vermeulen and Ellen Deketele: “Content has to be good but also sexy”

Bregt Vermeulen and Ellen Deketele

The proffesors from Howest University in Belgium joined efforts and elaborated a presentation on the need of merging the work of journalists and designers for better results
Guillermo Altarriba. Barcelona.
The Belgian professors explained their arguments each from their own point of view. Vermeulen, as journalist, described how his profession has nowadays …

Jennifer Schwanenberg and Andreas Schümchen: “Innovation journalism is good journalism”

Jennifer Schwanenberg and Andreas Schümchen

Coming from the Institut für Medienentwicklung in Germany, these specialists in technology journalism, defend that innovation journalism must go far beyond and cross the main fields of human life, such as politics, society and economy
Jordi Pi. Barcelona.

Under the title of «Our concept of innovation journalism», Jennifer Schwanenberg and Andreas Schümchen …