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Thirteenth Conference (8th March – 2013)


Digital Media: What can the Past teach us about the Future?
James R Kates

Twelfth Conference (7th March – 2013)

Journalist and entrepreneur: a contradiction in terms?
Luc Hanegreefs

Eleventh Conference (7th March – 2013)


Effective on-screen communication
Roeland Pype

Ninth Conference (6th March – 2013)


Innovation outside the traditional media-industry in Belgium: case-study ‘Media Lab Quindo’
Bregt Vermeulen and Ellen Deketele

Eighth Conference (6th March – 2013)


News from Nowhere: Journalistic entrepreneurship in rural areas
Tony Randall

Seventh Conference (6th March – 2013)


International Business: West Africa Media Development 
Marquita Smith

Marquita Smith: “Liberian people have the core of what is being a journalist”

Marquita Smith

Marquita Smith has specialized in media development, mainly in Africa, where she has travelled several times. She works with universities teaching journalism to citizens, who have got a poor education after years of continuous civil war
Jordi Pi. Barcelona.

In Liberia, where Marquita Smith focused her conference, conflicts have affected education and …

Jennifer Schwanenberg and Andreas Schümchen: “Innovation journalism is good journalism”

Jennifer Schwanenberg and Andreas Schümchen

Coming from the Institut für Medienentwicklung in Germany, these specialists in technology journalism, defend that innovation journalism must go far beyond and cross the main fields of human life, such as politics, society and economy
Jordi Pi. Barcelona.

Under the title of «Our concept of innovation journalism», Jennifer Schwanenberg and Andreas Schümchen …

Sarah Markewich: “It is nice to see people’s borders expanded”

Sarah Markewich

Professor Sarah Markewich from the Howest University in Belgium believes in deleting limitations in the journalistic profession
Guillermo Altarriba. Barcelona.

Sarah Markewich believes that entrepreneurs and journalists can learn from each other. This belief led her whole conference at the Intenational Journalism Week 2013 and she continued elaborating on the issue by …

Iris de Roover: New ways of educating Journalism students

Iris de Roover

The Thomas More Mechelen University, in Belgium, is trying to prepare their students in a different way: Supo is a crossmedia project born to introduce them into their future jobs
Iván torralbo. Barcelona.
Professor Iris de Roover from the Thomas More Mechelen University (Belgium) presented Supo in front of the International Journalism …