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Second Conference (4th March – 2013)


Peter Laufer, Oregon University, USA
<<Yesterday’s News Tomorrow: A Slow News Manifesto for Counterintuitive Entrepreneurship >>

Our podcasts (1st March – 2012)


Eduardo Cintra, Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Human Sciences of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, describes the roles played in televised tragedies by the different society actors:
Eduardo Cintra-Interview
Eduardo Cintra-Interview (2)
Eduardo Cintra-Solution to tragedy exageration?
Student Jaume Vives comments on televised tragedy perception:
Richard J. Roth, from the Northwestern University of Qatar, talks about Al …

Our podcasts (29th February)


What quality makes a good reporter? Luc Hanegreefs answers:
Luc Hanegreefs-Conference abstract
Luc Hanegreefs-Interview: Qualifications of a good reporter
Interview to Nicolas Bijvoet and Joke Hautekiet, from the Howest University in Belgium, about the adaptation of Journalism to small devices and app technologies:
Nicolas Bijvoet and Joke Hautekiet-Interview
Miquel Franquet, Professor at the Abat Oliba …