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Thirteenth Conference (8th March – 2013)


Digital Media: What can the Past teach us about the Future?
James R Kates

Twelfth Conference (7th March – 2013)

Journalist and entrepreneur: a contradiction in terms?
Luc Hanegreefs

Eleventh Conference (7th March – 2013)


Effective on-screen communication
Roeland Pype

Ninth Conference (6th March – 2013)


Innovation outside the traditional media-industry in Belgium: case-study ‘Media Lab Quindo’
Bregt Vermeulen and Ellen Deketele

Sixth conference (5th March – 2013)

Jennifer Schwanenberg and Andreas Schümchen

Jennifer Schwanenberg and Andreas Schümchen – Institut für Medienentwicklung – Germany
«Our concept of innovation journalism» 

Fifth conference (5th March – 2013)

Sarah Markewich

Sarah Markewich – Howest University – Belgium

«Just Pick Up The Phone and Call! What Entrepreneurs and Journalists can learn from each other»

Fourth conference (5th March – 2013)

Iris de Roover

Iris de Roover- Thomas More Mechelen University – Belgium

«‘Supo’, the Mechelen crossmedia project»

Third Conference (4th March – 2013)


Christian Shaefer and 3rd year Journalism Students, Johanes Gutenberg University, Mainz Germany
<< New Business Models in German Journalism: Examples and Evaluations >> 

Second Conference (4th March – 2013)


Peter Laufer, Oregon University, USA
<<Yesterday’s News Tomorrow: A Slow News Manifesto for Counterintuitive Entrepreneurship >>

First conference (4th March – 2013)


Ben Cardew, Abat Oliba CEU University
<< Journo Entrpreneurius: the entrepreneurial journalist >>