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Jairo Lugo: “There were many crisis in the profession worse than the current one, and journalism managed to survive”

Jairo Lugo Ocando and Robert Petrausch

Professor Jairo Lugo Ocando, from the English University of Sheffield explained in the conference how journalism has always faced problems and how it has always overcome them
Guillermo Altarriba. Barcelona.

“Back to the future” was the meaningful title of the conference under which professor Lugo Ocando outlined the current critical situation of …

Michael T. Martinez: “Just because the web is free it does not mean that the content is”

Michael T Martinez

The professor at the University of Tennesse discussed the key factors of the copyright conflict in social networks
Iván Torralbo. Barcelona.

Michael T. Martinez, who worked as a photojournalist for 26 years, explained the current conflict arising from the use of protected images in the social networks. Taking the example of the …

James R. Kates: “Anyone that predicted the future was wrong”

James R Kates

The North American professor went through the evolution of the digital media in order to explain that it is impossible to predict which platform will be used in the future
Iván Torralbo. Barcelona.

James R Kates, professor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, reviewed the evolution of the digital media during the past …

Luc Hanegreefs: “A real journalist will never be a good entrepreneur”

Luc Hanegreefs

Professor Luc Hanegreefs talked about journalism and entrepreneurship at his conference, using his life experience as an example. He pointed out that an authentic journalist will never be a good businessman because “he will always want to be on the field, working as a journalist and not as a boss”


Jordi …

Roeland Pype: “Screens are not the best medium to display texts”

Roeland Pype

Roeland Pype, professor at the Arteveldehogeschool of Gent, in Belgium, talked about how written media have changed and how, following these changes, journalists can adapt their texts from paper to screens
Guillermo Altarriba. Barcelona.

As Pype said, “shift happens”. That means the world changes and journalism has to follow and adapt to …

Robert Petrausch: “Students have the same access to information as teachers”

Robert Petrausch

Throughout  his “Teaching and Learning Mass Communication in the Digital Age” conference, the American professor pointed out the revolution that has occurred in journalism teaching, with new inventions that have transformed today’s students into digital natives
Jordi Pi. Barcelona.

Robert Petrausch explained that in the convergence culture in which we live, where …

Bregt Vermeulen and Ellen Deketele: “Content has to be good but also sexy”

Bregt Vermeulen and Ellen Deketele

The proffesors from Howest University in Belgium joined efforts and elaborated a presentation on the need of merging the work of journalists and designers for better results
Guillermo Altarriba. Barcelona.
The Belgian professors explained their arguments each from their own point of view. Vermeulen, as journalist, described how his profession has nowadays …

Tony Randall: “Journalism business has treated people like sheep”

Tony Randall

The professor of the University of Cumbria gave the keys of how local press works in the rural areas of Britain and he also introduced some solutions to the problem they are suffering
Iván Torralbo. Barcelona.
At his intervention at the International Journalism Week 2013, writer and editor Tony Randall explained the …

Marquita Smith: “Liberian people have the core of what is being a journalist”

Marquita Smith

Marquita Smith has specialized in media development, mainly in Africa, where she has travelled several times. She works with universities teaching journalism to citizens, who have got a poor education after years of continuous civil war
Jordi Pi. Barcelona.

In Liberia, where Marquita Smith focused her conference, conflicts have affected education and …

Jennifer Schwanenberg and Andreas Schümchen: “Innovation journalism is good journalism”

Jennifer Schwanenberg and Andreas Schümchen

Coming from the Institut für Medienentwicklung in Germany, these specialists in technology journalism, defend that innovation journalism must go far beyond and cross the main fields of human life, such as politics, society and economy
Jordi Pi. Barcelona.

Under the title of «Our concept of innovation journalism», Jennifer Schwanenberg and Andreas Schümchen …