Daily Archives: 7 March, 2014

Day 5: Robert Petrausch


Robert Petraeusch, Chair at the Iona College in New York, presented his prospective theory of communication and science fiction through the metaphor of the bionic journalist on the second machine age. As Petraeusch showed, science-fiction and cinema anticipate the reality that we will live in. Neuroscience, even though it seems …

Day 5: Peter Laufer


In his conference: “iMigrating: Borders and Identity: the California Mexico Crisis” held the last day of the International Journalism Week, Peter Laufer has reflected about the situation that faces immigration in the U.S. now due to the Internet and the social networks. He has been working for NBC and CBS …

Day 5: David Wachanga


When we speak about “Ethics” we refer to the elements of a moral system that are in conflict. In terms of media, this concept has moved from values clarification to normative theory for the last three decades. In media ethics, individual freedom is the driving force.
In order to make an …