Day 4: Fred Zandpour and his students

In this conference it has been presented a complex and elaborated study directed to testing the relationship between Holistic-Analytic thinking and Communication patterns. His objective was to analyze cognitive processes and communication styles across different cultures and countries based on the hypothesis that Asian countries are more likely to engage in holistic communication style compared with Western countries. Speakers have exposed the analysis during a decade, from 2002 to 2011, of United Nations Speeches by head of states or their designees. Starting from the premise that in the Eastern countries the Holistic thinking predominates –understood as focusing on relationships within the context- while in the Western countries overpowers the Analytic thinking, that is focusing on the focal object and its attributes.

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The analyses consisted on the work of four coders, graduated students, who studied for 3 or 4 years the speeches from the sample countries in order to find out their communication Finally, one of the most important conclusions was that people from Western countries are more likely to be future-oriented in his communication than the other countries.

Judit Deig.