Daily Archives: 6 March, 2014

Day 4: Fred Zandpour and his students


In this conference it has been presented a complex and elaborated study directed to testing the relationship between Holistic-Analytic thinking and Communication patterns. His objective was to analyze cognitive processes and communication styles across different cultures and countries based on the hypothesis that Asian countries are more likely to engage …

Day 4: Tony Randall


When newspapers began, they were the only way to get quick information for the people who were worried about what was happening on the street, but this original reason diverged into different directions. Nowadays when someone tries to set up a newspaper they are probably only thinking in profit and …

Day 4: Svein Bruras


Svein Bruras in his presentation, given the 4th day of the International Journalism Week, entitled: “Immediacy or verification? Conflicting ideals in online news” has showed the nowadays existing dilemma in online journalism between immediacy and verification. He’s a teacher in Volda University College, located in Norway. Bruras has deeply analyzed …