Daily Archives: 5 March, 2014

Cultural Tour Guide in Barcelona


The speakers of the International Journalism Week 2014 have enjoyed a cultural tour guide through some of the most important sights of Barcelona: Plaça Catalunya, Portal de l’Àngel, Els 4 Gats, Palau de la Música, the Cathedral of Barcelona, Plaça Sant Jaume, and the church of Santa Maria del Mar.

Day 3: Choizzes International


Choizzes International: international job opportunities for students and alumni in the Netherlands
Choizzes is a “dating” site for jobs and internships made it in the Netherlands. It performs the pre-interview phase correspondent to the labor market but online. His main function is connecting people searching for a job opportunity with employers. …

Day 3: Hadrian Cawthorne


Using the web for creating journalistic content
In his presentation “Production on the cheap: using the web for low-cost multimedia journalism” Hadrian Cawthorne has showed the audience the tools that any journalists should manage for being prepared for the journalism 2.0 in the digital era. Cawthorne, who teaches in the University …

Day 3: Caja Thimm


“The journalistic agenda setting takes nowadays topics from Twitter”
Caja Thimm’s conference was entitled: “Twitter in Journalism: Forms, functions and Journalism Practices”. Thimm is a professor at the University of Bonn, Germany. On it, she explained the outline of a big research group, begun in 2010, when most people didn’t know …