Daily Archives: 4 March, 2014

Day 2: Marc Kenis


Online Journalism has become a new discipline. In very few years we have passed from print-based to the dominance of multimedia. Being an online journalist means to work as a desk journalist, to be a digital native, and an all-rounder. Furthermore it includes working under pressure and having the capacity …

Day 2: Thomas Lewe, Idar Flo, Steinar Høydal


Internship as adaptation to the digital era
On the Volda University College, the particular adaptation of journalism studies to the digital era passes inevitably through the internship program. They give a lot of importance to experience and practical knowledge and so they focus on the practical approach of journalism studies, but …

Day 2: Eva Maria Lessinger


“We all consider media gossip to be negative because it makes public many things that should be off the record and gets into celebrities’ lives, but in fact, a lot of people is very interested in this sort of news that are not essentially informative but that give us information …