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Day 1: Dulce da Rocha


SeaMedia Howest or how to bring the innovation in a European journalistic project
Dulce da Rocha is not a journalist. She has developed her career in the field of art, design and digital animation. She is a teacher at Howest University College, located in Kortrijk, West Flanders. In her conference “Bringing …

Day 1: Christian Schäfer-Hock and students


Accelerating journalism in the digital era: Evidence and consequences for the political journalism in Germany.
We are completely immersed in a digital era marked by an acceleration that involves journalism and several other aspects of our lives. Our modern society is affected by some issues like capitalism and competition, a cultural …

Day 1: Loup Langton

Loup Langton_4387

“We have to face the world as it is not as we want it to be”
The first conferences was given by Loup Langton (Western Kentucky University) on the shifting process journalism is living nowadays, and the following adaptations that universities undergoing. As it has been said for many years, Journalism …