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Thirteenth Conference (8th March – 2013)


Digital Media: What can the Past teach us about the Future?
James R Kates

Twelfth Conference (7th March – 2013)

Journalist and entrepreneur: a contradiction in terms?
Luc Hanegreefs

Eleventh Conference (7th March – 2013)


Effective on-screen communication
Roeland Pype

Ninth Conference (6th March – 2013)


Innovation outside the traditional media-industry in Belgium: case-study ‘Media Lab Quindo’
Bregt Vermeulen and Ellen Deketele

Eighth Conference (6th March – 2013)


News from Nowhere: Journalistic entrepreneurship in rural areas
Tony Randall

Seventh Conference (6th March – 2013)


International Business: West Africa Media Development 
Marquita Smith

Jairo Lugo: “There were many crisis in the profession worse than the current one, and journalism managed to survive”

Jairo Lugo Ocando and Robert Petrausch

Professor Jairo Lugo Ocando, from the English University of Sheffield explained in the conference how journalism has always faced problems and how it has always overcome them
Guillermo Altarriba. Barcelona.

“Back to the future” was the meaningful title of the conference under which professor Lugo Ocando outlined the current critical situation of …

Michael T. Martinez: “Just because the web is free it does not mean that the content is”

Michael T Martinez

The professor at the University of Tennesse discussed the key factors of the copyright conflict in social networks
Iván Torralbo. Barcelona.

Michael T. Martinez, who worked as a photojournalist for 26 years, explained the current conflict arising from the use of protected images in the social networks. Taking the example of the …

James R. Kates: “Anyone that predicted the future was wrong”

James R Kates

The North American professor went through the evolution of the digital media in order to explain that it is impossible to predict which platform will be used in the future
Iván Torralbo. Barcelona.

James R Kates, professor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, reviewed the evolution of the digital media during the past …

Luc Hanegreefs: “A real journalist will never be a good entrepreneur”

Luc Hanegreefs

Professor Luc Hanegreefs talked about journalism and entrepreneurship at his conference, using his life experience as an example. He pointed out that an authentic journalist will never be a good businessman because “he will always want to be on the field, working as a journalist and not as a boss”


Jordi …